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Laurel Leaf helps you attract, engage, and serve your ideal customers — using the DRIVE methodology.

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Imagine Every Dollar of your marketing spend Drove Sales

That’s what Laurel Leaf is here to do.

With a customer-first approach, we act as a strategic partner for brands who take their relationship with customers seriously.

Rather than waste your marketing dollars, our methodology transforms your marketing strategyfrom top to bottomand turns it into a revenue-driving powerhouse.

Here are our 4 focus areas

We take a holistic approach to making sure your marketing budget delivers more than just vanity metrics.

Brand Blueprint

Position yourself as your customers’ preferred solution with a refined positioning and messaging strategy.

Content Roadmap

Generate demand with a cohesive content strategy that’s geared for your ideal customers. 

Content Engine

Have a team handle all your content production needs, for both short-form copy and long-form content.

Brand Acceleration

Accelerate your brand’s reach, authority, and sales on various social media marketing channels.

The DRIVE Methodology

Here’s the methodology we follow that helps all our clients succeed.


Define your ideal customer

Before doing anything, we identify the customers and customer segments you’re trying to reach


Research the full picture

We thoroughly research your solution, your customers, and how you solve their problems


Integrate the findings

Then, we put it all together. This is where we analyze the results and uncover key story lines


Visualize the Way Forward

We create the roadmap and strategy going forward to help you achieve your goals


Embark on your content journey

Finally, your content and copy journey begins, We do the writing while you drive the demand

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And companies that want their marketing efforts to be based on real, actionable customer insights.

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Our work doesn’t just talk. It performs.

Since working with us, our clients have:

    • 3x’d their landing page signups
    • Secured over 7 figures in funding
    • Seen 70% conversion rate increases
    • And much more

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