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Laurel Leaf helps companies turn their words into profit — with high-converting copy.

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Struggling to turn readers into buyers?

It’s not because you’re using the wrong words. Okay, that’s part of it. The real reason? Most people don’t really know their ideal clients. They’re just guessing.

Our team starts by understanding your ideal clients first. Then, based on that, we craft strategic copy that drives better engagement, higher conversion rates, stronger brand loyalty, and ultimately, a more profitable business.

Here's How It works

Here’s the process we follow that helps all of our clients succeed.


We Define your goals

Much like consultants, we take a holistic view of where you’re at and what you’d like to achieve. We’d rather make tailored recommendations than throw a one-size-fits-all solution at you.


We Identify the solution

Based on our findings, we’ll identify the next steps that are right for your business. Whether that’s new website copy, email campaigns, or a whole new positioning strategy.


We Onboard You For Success

To get you onboarded, we’ll set up a Slack workspace to send you updates, track your project progress, and strategize on ideas. Prefer to communicate over email? Not a problem.


We Do the Research

Depending on the project, we’ll first send over the necessary questionnaires or set up the initial discovery calls. All good content and copy starts with this step.


We Strategize, Write, Optimize

After we’ve collected all the information we need, we’ll put our heads down and get to work. We’ll also give you plenty of ideas and suggestions along the way to help you optimize and drive demand.

Here's Why people love working with us

It’s not just about the words.

Strategic Partnership

We’re not just here to pump out words like a machine. That’s what ChatGPT is for. Our team will provide you with strategic recommendations that align with your goals and drive them forward – all while helping you navigate market changes and stay ahead of competitors.

Scaling with your needs

Our team is built to scale and handle large volumes of content. So as you grow, expand into new markets, or experience seasonal peaks, our agile approach lets us serve you without compromising on your voice, your brand, or your results.

Freelance Dedication, Agency Professionalism

All of our clients are assigned a copywriter and customer success manager to handle their accounts. This way, you get the creativity and personal touch of a freelance copywriter backed by the on-time communication and proferssionalism of an agency.


While we do have deep experience in the technology industry, we take on clients from various fields. We believe that the success of a project depends on asking the right questions, and we go above and beyond to make sure we do that.

Results-Driven Approach

Our work performs because it’s rooted in insights around your ideal customers. And we don’t stop what we’re doing until you get a return on your investment, whether that’s in the form of conversions, tangible business growth, or a competitive advantage.

Flexible Availability

Unlike freelance copywriters, who aren’t available for months, we’re structured to take on projects at a moment's notice. No more waiting around or squeezing around our schedule. You tell us when you want to start and we’ll be ready.

A taste of what we can do

From strategy and positioning to writing and execution, here’s what we cover.

Are we a Match?

See who we work with to find out.

Internal Marketing Teams

We help internal teams that want to refine their marketing content or address niche markets and segments with targeted messaging. Plus, we can take on large volumes of content while giving you strategic input, maintaining your voice, and your brand across projects.

High-growth Tech Startups

We’ll help you define and engage your ideal customer profiles and build your brand with insight-driven content and copy. You’ll receive personalized service, dependable communication, and a partner that can guide and expand your marketing efforts.


Our ecommerce clients come to us when they need a partner that’s flexible, responsive, and can write on-brand content on the fly. Plus, we can help you with your entire funnel, write for multiple channels, and take on high seasons.


We have a wide network of global agencies that we support regarding their own projects and that of their clients. From brand positioning and messaging to content and copywriting, we can integrate with your teams, boost your capabilities, safeguard your professionalism, and even help you increase your profit per project.

Professional/Creative Services

Our blend of a personal touch with agency-level expertise suits the nuanced needs of our clients in the professional and creative services fields. With strategic insights and tailored content creation, we’re here to enhance your brand image and engage your ideal customers.

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Our work doesn’t just talk. It performs.

Since working with us, our clients have:

    • 3x’d their landing page signups
    • Secured over 7 figures in funding
    • Seen 70% conversion rate increases
    • And much more

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