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Nice to Meet You

We're Your Global Content Marketing Team

Every day, business owners and marketing leaders come to us with critical questions. 

Questions like…

  • How do I differentiate myself in a crowded market?
  • How do I create a compelling brand story that resonates with customers?
  • How do I communicate my organization’s value and grow in the meantime? 

And every day, we help them find the answers. 

When you work with us, you’re not just investing in words. You’re investing in a team with a global perspective that knows how to speak your customer’s language and create copy & content that’s backed by research and results.

Not to mention, we’re one of the friendliest teams around. All that’s missing is you.

Meet Our Founder

Turkish, Dutch, and American, our Founder, Defne Gencler, has spent her entire life figuring out what it means to connect with different audiences.

Forever the “new kid” in both Europe and the US, she turned to the pen which led to:

8+ years in copywriting & digital marketing

Experiences at Google, Viacom, Fortune Magazine

And over 30K combined followers on social media

And, of course, Laurel Leaf

Meet Our Team













Discover What Drives Us

No matter how we twist and turn, these values shape the way we write, work, and think.

Dig Deeper

Our work as writers isn’t to nod our heads at the first answer you give us. It’s to go beyond that. Don't be surprised if we ask you questions like “Why? Why is that a benefit?” By going deeper, we'll uncover the truth of the matter.

Thrive Together

Look, we're here to write copy and give you ideas. But you're here to fill in missing gaps if you spot any. Only by putting our minds together can we write in a way that speaks to your customer's heart.

Create Clarity

No matter what we do, clarity comes first. You’ll see it run through everything we do. We're not afraid of asking for clarification and providing it, either. Our goal is o make sure you never have to wonder what's going on.

Serve Solutions

They always say "Don't shoot the messenger." But honestly, sometimes, the messenger needs to work on their delivery. If you're ever experiencing roadblocks in a project or we have to raise a concern, you can expect a solution to go with it.

Prioritize Progress

When you're working with words, it's easy to get stuck on finding that perfect one. But focusing too much on perfection can get in the way of progress. And no one's going to buy what you're selling if it's not even out there, right?

Cultivate Connection

Every agency says this, but we truly believe in building a partnership with our clients. Some things we can do better, others things you can do better. But no matter what, we want to provide value to you during every step of the project. Before, during, and after.

We hear you. Investing in high-quality copy isn’t a decision you make overnight. Especially with ChatGPT or Upwork around. But if you’re already here, that means you care about the impact words can have when it comes to building trust with your audience and generating sales. Cheap copy won’t help you do that. 

Great question. Right now, our prices are custom. We offer project-based pricing, hourly rates, day rates, even monthly retainers. 

Funny you ask. We’re actually partnered with several incredible web agencies. They do great website design, we do great copy. It’s a win-win.

Of course! We already have a few we work with, so collaborating with yours won’t be a problem.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t. We use AI tools to speed up our processes too. But the thing is, even if you’re using AI, you still need to understand your customers so you can write in a strategic way. Only a great copywriter can help you with that.

For sure. If you’ve got someone in house as passionate about words and digital marketing as we are, we’d love to meet ’em.

Can't find your question?

No sweat. Contact us and we’ll answer it as soon as we can.