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How Rapid Dev Saw 160 visitors and 30 leads In just 60 days


Conversion rate


Launch year

The Problem: no traffic, no leads

Rapid Dev was on ground zero when it came to their digital presence. With no traffic and no leads, their web presence needed a massive overhaul.


Rapid Dev made the smart choice of working with an SEO agency to solve their traffic issues and turn to us for copy. Our goal was to make sure that the traffic brought in from our SEO partners would actually convert into leads.


Our Solution: Website Copy

Strategic Guidance:

→ Research Rapid Dev’s unique value proposition and customer base

→Wrote copy that highlighted their no-code services as their customer’s ideal solution



→ 1 website

→ 4 case studies

The Result: 160 visitors and 30 leads

Thanks to our SEO partner, Rapid Dev was able to scale up the amount of visitors their website got. 


With our website and case studies, Rapid Dev got that traffic to convert at a rate of nearly 20%.  

Interested in turning more visitors into leads?