5 Traits of a Great Website Copywriter

Picture of Defne Gencler

Defne Gencler

Sep 14, 2022 • 8 min. read

website copywriter at work

So you’re working with a website copywriter on your latest project. Thing is: Not all of them are created equally.

We’ve been in the copywriting field for quite some time now. So we can tell which website copywriters will end up in the Website Copywriting Hall of Fame. Is that a thing? Because if not, it should be.

So here’s what sets a “holy-cr*ap-you’re-amazing” writer apart from a “meh” one.

  1. Your website copywriter doesn’t just ask what your benefits are. They ask: Why is that a benefit? What value does your customer stand to gain from your benefits? We take a similar approach at Laurel Leaf.
  2. They strive for more than the typical CTA’s. “Learn more” or “Contact us” don’t cut it anymore. In an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s all about bringing your personality and brand to the surface. Especially in the CTA’s.
  3. And for the love of God: No more headlines that say “About Us” or “How We Can Help” for A great website copywriter is there to take the user on a journey through the words. Not present an awkward slide deck where half the viewers are asleep.
  4. When you’ve been in the website copywriting game long enough, you know that a website is an introduction to your brand. If your website doesn’t align with your customer’s lived experience of your product, there’s a problem. A great website copywriter will make sure to fix that — by making sure customers know what to expect from the second they land on your homepage.
  5. It’s hard to pick just five things that make a great website copywriter. But if we had to pick, it’s looking out for the little details. Whether that’s customizing your newsletter signup box (like these guys), making sure all the copy is consistent, or adding final tweaks after the copy’s integrated with design… An excellent website copywriter cares about all the puzzle pieces. And wants to put your professionalism first.

Hopefully this post has helped you decipher whether your website copywriter’s up to snuff. For now, we’ll get back to our projects.