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Do Good Writers Make Good Copywriters?

Defne Gencler

Defne Gencler

Sep 14, 2022 • 8 min. read

That’s an excellent question. Not everyone will agree with me here… But in my years as a freelance copywriter in Amsterdam, I’ve learned that good writers don’t always make for good copywriters. And here’s why:

Excellent writers can flex their vocabulary, build imaginary worlds, and paint striking images in your mind.

But strong copywriting is a lot more simple than that. It leaves ego at the door. It appeals to emotions, rather than intellect.

And most of all: The best copywriters write to be understood by their target audience. Not admired by them.

So next time you’re copywriting, try not to impress your audience so much. Just talk to them.

My name is Defne Gencler and I’m a freelance copywriter based in Amsterdam. Check out my copywriting portfolio. Or get your website copy audited here.