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Brand Positioning: Why It’s All About Your Customers

Defne Gencler

Defne Gencler

Sep 14, 2022 • 8 min. read


Remember when brand positioning was all about us? Who we are, what we do, how we sound – we thought we decided that. But the truth is, we don’t. It’s actually our customers who decide it for us.

The New Brand Positioning Playbook: Put Your Customers First

Back then:

We used to ask ourselves:

  • “What’s our brand all about?”
  • “How can we stand out?”
  • “What’s our competition up to?”

But now:

We’re diving headfirst into our customer’s world, asking:

  • “What keeps our customers up at night?”
  • “How does our magic solve their problems?”
  • “What makes us different from the other companies and solutions doing so”
  • “How can we talk to our customers in a way that really clicks with them?”

While there are many approaches to this, customer-focused positioning lasts longer and helps you get it right faster.

How you can embrace the customer journey in your brand positioning strategy:

1. Define your ideal customer

Trade in the usual self-centered approach for one that starts with understanding who your customers are. Nothing good happens when brands skip this stage.

2. Create surveys to understand them

Figure out what makes them toss and turn at night. What they’re struggling with on a day to day basis. And encourage them to elaborate. One word answers won’t get you anywhere.

3. Position yourself as their solution

Powerful brand positioning communicates how you help you customers solve those problems.

4. Set your superpowers apart

Sure, everyone’s got their capes, but what makes yours special? Don’t compare yourself to other competitors only. Compare yourself to any other solution they may be considering.

5. Make your words do the magic

When doing this, it’s also important to define a brand blueprint for your messaging and tone of voice will help you communicate your unique selling point, your perspective, and your values. Think of it as a secret handshake with your customers, helping you build trust and connection that’s more than skin-deep.

Bottom line: Flip the script

Here’s the revelation: Brand positioning is not about us anymore; it’s all about them – our customers. Starting with them sets the stage for a brand story that truly resonates.