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How Coach Nathalie can create content for the next 6-12 months

The Problem: Stuck on Brand positioning & Content Ideas

Female leadership and empowerment coach, Nathalie van Haaren, came to us with a rebrand going on. In addition to re-designing her new website, she also wanted website copy that spoke to her ideal client’s needs. 


We told Nathalie she could hit two birds with one stone. We would map out her entire Brand Positioning for her through our Brand Blueprint. Then, we’d write the website copy based on that.


Eager to see the results, Nathalie was on board.


Our Solution: Brand Blueprint & Content Engine

Strategic Guidance:

→ We told Nathalie we wouldn’t write a word of copy before thoroughly researching her ideal clients

→ We created a custom questionnaire instead of a templated one

→ And wrote website copy based on real customer insights


→ 10-page Brand Blueprint document that provides foundation for content ideas for the next 6-12 months

→ Website copy as part of Laurel Leaf’s Content Engine solution

The Result: brand new website copy and content ideas

Now, Nathalie’s marketing materials speak to her exact ideal customer. Her website is bringing in new leads and Nathalie has more ideas and more clarity to create content for her customers.


From newsletters, social media copy, and more — every word is now written with intention.

Want content ideas for the next 6-12 months?


Laurel Leaf’s open communication and detailed process made me feel extremely taken care of. Their approach was holistic, targeted all angles of my business, and gave me the sense they really cared. In addition to fast turnaround times, I also enjoy having a living, breathing Brand Positioning deck that will inform my content for months and years to come. Not to mention, I finally feel confident about my new website copy. As for results, our work together led to my most saved post on Instagram so far.

~ Nathalie van Haaren

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