Meet and exceed your marketing goals with killer script copy. 

Create a Binge-Worthy Brand

With video becoming more and more popular for brands, your script needs to catch your viewer’s attention and keep it. If you’re just looking for a few plays here and there, you can phone it in. But if you’re looking for real marketing outcomes, you want something a step up.

Your Script Copy at a Glance

Working with another production agency? We’ll work directly with them.

Keep Your Audience Hooked from Start to Finish

Storytelling is a science and an art. We know what goes into creating a great hook that intrigues your viewer and keeps them watching.

Drive Specific Marketing Goals

The best part about video? It's not just for entertaining. It's to inspire your viewers to take action. We’ll help you get ultra-specific on what that is so you see ultra-effective results.

Repurpose Your Existing Content

You probably have a wealth of existing content already out there. Why not take what’s already there and use it to reach a new audience?

See It, Then Believe It

Enough talk. 

Google Video Scripts

We worked on a short animated video series for Think with Google. The series saw some of the higgest organic views for a video on the Think with Google YouTube channel.


Take a look at the script we wrote for RepAI — the digital salesperson that helps you convert more customers on your Shopify store.