Email Marketing Copy, Strategy, & Management

Subject line: Write emails that improve profitability.

Turns Emails into Growth

One of the highest-ROI channels, email can drive significant amounts of revenue for your organization. The key to getting there? Having an email marketing strategy that brings the heat.

From writing email sequences and flows to segmenting and retaining your customers, we’ll make sure your emails lead to opens, clicks, and conversions.

Your Email Marketing At a Glance

When writing your emails, we’ll work with your marketing teams so you deliver quality emails on time, every time. Don’t have a team overseeing this? We have our own suite of tools so we can take over for you.

Start with your current subscribers

The more specific and personal your emails, the better. We'll start by examining your our current subscriber list to gain a better understanding of their needs. Based on our findings, we may build out segments to further tailor your content.

Write and optimize your email Campaigns

As an organization, you probably have many different marketing goals. Our team will create email campaigns that help you meet all of them. From ideating and writing your emails to testing campaigns we handle it all.

Analyze your Email Campaigns' Performance

The unofficial definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We won't let you fall into that trap. Every 3 months, we'll go back and analyze your email campaign metrics so we can fine-tune your campaigns.

See It, Then Believe It

Don’t stop believin’.

Google Email Campaign

We wrote an email campaign for a recent Google event. In this campaign, we were able to create a 10% conversion rate. That means people who click from the email to the event signup page. The regular industry standard sits at 2%.