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How Occam saw an 18.8% Increase in Engagement


Event increase


Launch year

The Challenge: Balancing Intellectual Copy with User Friendliness

Executive recruiting group, Occam, didn’t have a website that reflected the true value of their services. While they brought intuition, precision, and commitment to their clients, their website lagged behind. 


During Occam’s website overhaul, we handled the copywriting. This included tuning into the language of their audience, which was often made up of high-intellectual individuals, Nobel Laureates, and other forward-thinkers. 


Our challenge was to write copy for their target groups while prioritizing user-centricity on the website.

Our Solution: Website Copy and Content Strategy

→ Performed a deep dive into the company and their customers 

→ Wrote website copy that spoke both to a high-intellect audience while prioritizing user-friendliness

→ Showcased the breadth of their experience and the depth of their commitment

The Result: Event Count jumped by 18.8%

Working side-by-side with our design and SEO partner, we built and wrote a new website that led to a significant improvement in performance.


The event count shot up by 18.8%, which showed an increased engagement and interaction with Occam’s new website.

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